With over 30 years’ experience in the specialist areas of High Performance Computing, Visualization and e-Science in both academia and industry we can be trusted to provide objective, practical and professional advice in these areas.

Our experience covers all aspects of these services including:

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Leadership and development of new IT Services especially high performance computing (HPC), informatics, visualization and grid computing.
  • Architectures and service support structures for specialist systems and services
  • Procurement, installation, commissioning and running of large HPC and other systems
  • Winning R&D, Services and other Contracts
  • Development of international collaborations
  • IT Leadership
  • Technical & Business Management
  • Managing complex technical projects
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget Management
  • IT Governance

The Company is led by Professor Terry Hewitt who has worked at EDS, an HP Company as a Computational Engineering Strategist, developing computational engineering services (including HPC, simulation and analysis, visualization and grid computing) for EDS, particularly on the Rolls-Royce account of EDS.

Before that Professor Hewitt was Director of Research Computing at the University of Manchester (then the biggest academic IT service in Europe) and Deputy Director of the Economics & Social Science Research Council (ESRC) National e-Social Science Centre. He led the specialist IT services supporting scientists and engineers in their research and provided strategic leadership of the research computing services and other IT services at the University. Some of those services were provided not only to staff at the University of Manchester but also to UK academia and commerce as a whole.